The Roasted Shallot food truck website needed to be up and running before they even opened up shop. As soon as I finished the logo and the truck was still being painted we were designing a website. I partnered with Jeramy again to do the coding on the site while I concentrated on the design aspect. Their website has been up for a while but I only had place images on it until I could take photos of the menu items and the truck.

We used WordPress to create the website so it was easier for the client to post their own content without our assistance. So far they have been able to upload all of the new images and have quite a few blog posts now. Please make sure you check out the website for yourself in order to get the full effect. The website shows where they are going to be at all times so make sure you also visit the truck when you see they are nearby.

I’m really starting to enjoy working on websites and I hope that I’ll get hired for more in the future. I’m even about to redo my website so I can make it easier to upload new content. Stay tuned for Amy Has Design version 2.0


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