When I chose to go to the movies this past opening friday I decided it would be a double feature. My roommate Jeramy hadn’t seen the new Star Trek yet and I asked if he wanted to join me for Hangover Part 3. After seeing Star Trek for a second time (read my review of week 3) Jeramy had to depart due to prior plans so I stayed.

Up until this point in all 26 years of my life I had never seen a movie by myself in a theater. I was never afraid of doing it alone it’s just I’ve always thought the movies was more of a group of at least 2 sort of thing. So when Jeramy left I was actually kind of excited to be enjoying a movie alone. Since I was sneaking into this movie I had some time to kill in between the features so I munched on a soft pretzel, took my lone seat somewhere near the middle, and waited for Hangover Part 3 to begin.

Like the majority of people I thought the first Hangover was hysterical and probably one of the funniest movies. The second one…ehh…not that great. In fact I can barely remember anything that even happened in the movie. Of course that didn’t stop me from seeing the 3rd and final one and forgetting that Fast 6 also came out on the same day, I needed something to write about for week 4.

The movie of course had its funny moments, not rolling on the floor laughing like the first one, but it did make me laugh. It definitely felt the Hangover but this time there was no actual hangover and the story had more of a “serious” plot then just three silly guys running around trying to find where they misplaced their friend. If you are an animal lover or don’t like watching animals die, don’t see this movie. They kill a giraffe in the first 2 minutes and its not pretty and although I didn’t find it good taste, it did get a slight chuckle from me. The guys are all very much the same with the addition of Allen being off his meds (which is still just Allen) and they make a lot of connections to the first, tying up some loose ends. I will say Allen meeting Melissa McCarthy’s character was pretty funny.

I can’t really say whether or not I think you should go see this movie. I suppose if you’re a fan of the series or just want about 2 hours worth of some laughs but you could always just see Star Trek instead. You’ll get more out of it.

MY RATING: 3 out of 5


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