So here I sit, in a terminal at the Phoenix airport waiting for my plane to arrive. I’m flying to Cleveland, OH today and hopping in a car tomorrow morning to drive to Los Angeles. Now, why would someone be so stupid as to fly across across the country only to turn around and drive BACK across the country. Well that’s just me, I’m stupid. I also love a good adventure and when a good friend asks you to join how can you pass it up?

I’ve never been to LA. I live 7 hours away and still have yet to make it. (Guess maybe I’m not as adventurous as I previously thought.) I couldn’t be more excited for this trip, as most people would be, but this is different. I feel alive, like I’m ready to tackle anything, or maybe that’s the coffee kicking in, either way I’m ready so BRING IT ON CALIFORNIA! I’m ready to go from beautiful sunny mild weather (through some snow along the way) to beautiful sunny mild weather.

I’ll be blogging this entire trip along the way and hope to make at least one post everyday. Pictures will also most definitely be posted. And sorry to all my Ohio friends that I won’t be sticking around long enough to see you but that just means I need to come back soon.


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