Let me start off with saying that I do not care for Superman. I don’t care how badass the new Man of Steel looks, I still think Superman is a pussy superhero and isn’t really worth my time or money. So if you chose to go see Man of Steel over This Is the End this past friday, you missed out.

This movie has EVERYTHING! Tons of comedy, action, a good fright or two, an almost love story (if you count someone getting raped by the devil), even a special boy band reunion at the end of the movie that sent me over the edge with happiness. It’s going to be really hard to write a review of this movie without spoiling everything. I’ll try really hard to not give too much away.

I love the fact that every actor is playing themselves even if they’re not portrayed completely accurate (it is a comedy after all). It’s thoroughly entertaining and I’m not sure why this hasn’t already been done before. It seems everyone decided to sign up to be in this movie. There is definitely no shortage of names and famous people that pop up in this movie.

If you’re not familiar with the plot, James Franco throws a house party and invites all of his comedian friends and more. While the party is in full swing and the coke has just started flowing, the Apocalypse happens expelling most of the guests from the party. James and a few of his friends are left to fend for themselves, figure out what is going on, and attempt to survive.

As I said earlier I would like to not give anything away so I’m going to cut my review short. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and it’s definitely the funniest one I have seen this year. I will give fair warning if you’re not into stoner comedy at all, then you probably won’t find this flick too funny. It is incredibly stupid and silly and they push the limits with their humor. Other than that I believe everyone should go see this movie and forget all about Man of Steel.

MY RATING: 4.5 out of 5

PS – I might go see Man of Steel anyway…even though I really don’t want to. Or I could just go see this again…


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